A breastfeeding advocacy group has produced a book called Sweet Sleep, which gives advice for mothers of young children about how to balance getting enough sleep with feeding their babies. The solution, according to them? Bed-sharing, reports The Hamilton Spectator.

“Most breastfed babies need to feed during the night for various reasons, and so the mother needs to be able to feed them; and when you’re tired, you tend to fall asleep. The hormones when you breastfeed the baby relax you and make it more likely that you’re going to fall asleep when you’re nursing.”

Based on extensive research, the authors developed the Safe Sleep Seven aimed at addressing the risks of sudden infant death syndrome and suffocation. The seven conditions include ensuring that mothers are non-smokers, sober and breastfeeding babies who are full-term and healthy are kept on their backs when not nursing, are unswaddled and lightly dressed.