The Chronarium will be a part of the Manchester Science Festival 2016 and will set up a ‘sleep lab’ in the middle of Manchester Arndale, reports the Manchester Evening News.

It’s a free lie down

Now, that might sound a bit simplistic an analysis, but seriously the concept of taking time out of your day for an unscheduled rest is exactly what the Chronarium is hoping to encourage.

And if you’re one of those people who can’t walk past a bed in an Ikea showroom without “testing it”, then the Chronarium is made with you in mind.

It is, goes the tech speak, “an antidote to always-on city living” that forces you out of a world packed with technology and overloaded with information into a white space where nothing but the hammock you chose is under your control.

If you don’t fancy a hammock, you can lie down on the cushions on the floor, too. But seriously: get in a hammock.

It’s made of old parachutes

Not only is the lab an utterly arresting landmark inside a shopping centre, but it’s made of SILK!

Recycled silk no less, a collection of old parachutes are stitched together to form this unique dome.

Photo Credit: Sarah Walters

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