Lytx announces the launch of a new service that identifies behavior associated with distracted and drowsy driving, according to the Commercial Carrier Journal.

ActiveVision uses the new AutoTune feature that minimizes the likelihood of false alerts through complex pattern recognition algorithms, computer vision and machine learning technologies that work together to create a comprehensive view of what’s happening and how potentially dangerous situations can be mitigated.

ActiveVision includes in-vehicle alerts when conditions require greater driver attention, in-vehicle prompts when immediate action is recommended and post-drive video-based coaching to help drivers improve their skills in all situations.

The new service is available for select Lytx DriveCam clients immediately on the company’s ER-SV2 fifth-generation event recorder. ActiveVision will be available industry-wide in January 2016 but is not backwards compatible with existing DC3P and earlier model DriveCam devices.

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