A Daily Times report examines the sleep challenges associated with summer and suggests waking up early to enjoy benefits such as more energy and decreased depression risk.

Summers, as great as they are; can be quite a difficult season for our slumber, with the kids on summer break, and the long and hot days that bring our energy down.

The changes in our routines cause our sleep cycles to get disturbed, and that may lead to some serious issues in our health.

Research shows that lack of sleep can lead to migraines, anxiety attacks and temper problems. All these problems are further boosted by the summer heat; already many of us are having terrible migraines on a regular basis and one way to fix and prevent them is by getting proper sleep regularly.

The summer can also affect our slumber and health in many other ways; like from all the late nights spent awake on the weekends. Disrupting your sleep cycle too often can lead to sickness, insomnia and even weight gain; so even if you’ve been up till late at night, wake up on you usual time, to break the bad cycle. Catch up on the lost sleep through naps during the afternoon; great way to spend the long summer days anyway.

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