According to a Bravo article, couples with the same bedtime each night have less insomnia and have less sex than  those who go to bed at different times.

Research has found that a couple going to bed at the same time nightly, regulates the routines of each, and leads to less insomnia. Partners who go to bed at different times have more fights and spend less time doing things together, including having deep conversation (pillow talk.) They also have sex less and don’t keep up with each others routines as much.

In a 2010 couple-sleep study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers followed 29 heterosexual couples for a week, and analyzed going to sleep together with relationship satisfaction. Know why your guy may need a nap? The researchers found that men were happier in their relationship after a good night’s sleep. Women were the opposite—if all went well during the day, they slept well that night. Women said they were also happier when their partner turned in with them after a long day.

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