Parents should not give their kids antihistamines to help them sleep, even if those drugs are available over the counter, reports Atlanta news station WSB.

Since 2013, the Georgia Poison Center has received 940 emergency calls about children under 5 who had taken allergy medications.

“Kids who have low doses can suffer from hallucinations, which is real scary for a parent. As the dose gets higher, you start worrying about tremors, convulsions and in the worst case scenario, rarely, death,” Garcia said.

The GBI reports four infant deaths between 2015 and 2017 caused by acute antihistamine toxicity.

Pharmacists said parents should carefully read all instructions on drug labels including, allergy medications.

‘It’s very clear, children under 2, do not use. Two to 5, do not use unless you consult a physician. This should never be used as a sleep aide. It’s not indicated as a sleep aide,” said Ira Katz, owner of Little Five Points Pharmacy.