CleveMed’s president successfully transitioned the company from a research firm to a fast growing company by spinning off three companies, building a highly talented team focused on sleep disorders, establishing strategic partnerships, and securing significant investments in CleveMed, reports InsightsSuccess.

Hani says,“We can offer a number of products and services because we are the original designers and manufacturers of the technology. In addition to allowing us more control over costs, customer support, and speed of upgrades, our technical capabilities generated an unparalleled Intellectual Property (IP) position (we have over 20 issued patents and another 25 patents pending). Our patents cover current products and new technologies under development. One area of focus for future development that mustered four issued patents and many more pending patents relates to continuity of care; namely, conducting cost-effective home studies to assess therapy efficacy. I believe we are the only home sleep testing company that offers this kind of product flexibility with such patent strength.”