Dr David Cunnington, founder of Sleep Hub, says paleo-inspired sleeping habits are beneficial for a person’s health, as indicated in a Daily Life report.

Be active and spend more time outdoors during the day.

If you sit all day, it’s little wonder you’re not physically tired enough to sleep at night. Our ancestors didn’t have this problem, and being outside all day also meant they soaked up some serious sunshine. This had a positive impact on sleep because sunlight suppresses production of the sleep-related hormone, melatonin. When it got dark, their levels of melatonin would rise, making them sleepy. To get a similar effect, Cunnington suggests heading outdoors every day to catch some rays, preferably around midday.

Relax in the evenings.

Cavepeople didn’t have Game of Thrones to binge-watch, or smartphones to browse. Instead, they gathered by the fire. This was good for sleep because the dim light didn’t interfere with melatonin levels. On the other hand, artificially-lit devices (like screens) suppress melatonin, which means our hormone levels don’t peak until long after we’ve turned off our devices.

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