With the prevalence of sleep deprivation among troops in the Border Security Force in India, the paramilitary has launched  yoga classes and stress management sessions for those in combat, according to The Hindu.

The force has tied up with the renowned spiritual and social organisation ‘Brahma Kumaris’ for conducting 30 special workshops for its personnel based in border camps in the country.

“Sleep deprivation is a problem that we are encountering in the force. There have also been some instances when we have seen that the anxiety level amongst our troops have gone up. These are problems that need to be addressed and hence we have planned special yoga and stress management sessions for the force personnel,” BSF chief D.K. Pathak told PTI.

The Director General said the special yoga and spiritual counselling sessions will also train some of the master trainers in the force, along with troopers, who would further impart the skills in the jawans and officers at other levels.

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