Six Senses is opening a spa that focuses on putting customers to bed. 

‘Sleep with Six Senses’ is its brand-new collaboration with renowned sleep doctor Michael J. Breus Ph.D. This month it will be rolled-out at five of the group’s ‘hero’ resorts (in Oman, Portugal, Seychelles, Thailand and Vietnam), and later introduced at the new Six Senses properties launching this year – sure to wow travellers with their holistic approach to travel, as well as their avant-garde architectural styles.

When it comes to the sleep programmes, guests are firstly assigned a Sleep Ambassador, who is on tap throughout their stay at the resort. Ahead of arrival, guests answer an online questionnaire so that the therapist can understand any underlying issues and to enable rooms and suites to be ‘fine-tuned’, ensuring optimum sleep conditions according to each individual. As well as personal preferences, there are handmade mattresses made from 100% natural materials, organic pillows and duvets, which feature cooling zones to ensure the perfect temperature during sleep.

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