Blaine police chief Mike Haslip shed light on the importance of well-rested officers, and the department’s approach to health and wellness, reports The Northern Light.

While Haslip said rare emergencies still require an “all hands on deck, buckle down and get it done effort,” what’s more typical is the department’s expectation that all officers remain alert and focused each minute of their shifts.

“Public safety personnel need access to the right tools to do their job safely,” he said. “Schedules that provide adequate time off for proper rest are one of those tools.”

Over a 24-hour period, Haslip said he strives for a minimum of six hours of “rack time” each night, but those hours might not be all at once. His duties as police chief require working a variety of shifts, from fulfilling his management role during weekdays to coming home and changing socks for a night or weekend patrol shift. “It depends on the needs of the service,” he said.