Etihad Airways and Panasonic Avionics Corporation are partnering to develop a series of wellness solutions for air travel — and that includes finding a fix for jet lag.


Etihad will be the first airline to test Panasonic’s Jet Lag Adviser, which will be integrated into the airline’s passenger app.

Developed through a collaboration with human data analytics platform, Detalytics, the Jet Lag Adviser considers various factors including chronotype (your habitual sleep pattern in any 24-hour period), general circadian rhythms, your height, weight, the purpose of your trip, and other travel information like the flight times, routes and regions. Then, it uses its artificial intelligence engine to calculate a personalized in-flight plan of activities and environmental settings which can help avoid jet lag.

For example, at different stages of flight, the Jet Lag Adviser will send push notifications to stay hydrated, recommend meals that could help you feel better, and recommend that you wind-things down, turn down the lights, and listen to calming music or light entertainment.