From the amount of sleep athletes need to how sleep replenishes energy, a Men’s Fitness report discusses the importance of sleep and recovery for athletes with two health experts.

If there’s one facet of the training regimen many athletes tend to neglect, it’s sleep and recovery. But skimping on either can single-handedly halt your gains, increase your risk for injury in the gym or on the road, and hinder processes in your body that regulate, well, pretty much everything. To help you get a grip on your sleep, learn to optimize your recovery, and organize workouts that promote better muscle recovery and elevate your training, we spoke with the experts at Michael Johnson Performance, a next-level training facility in McKinney, Texas.

Utterly consumed, maybe even a little obsessed, with perfecting human performance and conditioning, MJP uses decades of research on tested and proven training methods, the latest and greatest innovative technology, and personalized programs to illicit the best results from athletes—so their potential is limitless and always growing. In short: The team can teach you a thing or two about getting fit, functioning at an elite level, and addressing stress and fatigue from under-recovery.

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