From reckless driving to overeating, a PPCorn report details eight stories of the wild things people did while sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking is an uncommon but well-documented phenomenon that many people find comical. However, some sleepwalking stories are so strange that they might make you afraid of ever sleeping again. Here, we present eight sleepwalking stories that will give you nightmare. Check them out for yourself below.

Number Eight: The Divorce. In 2006, one Muslim man was sleeping next to his wife when he said the words “talaq” three times. “Talaq” translates to “divorce,” and saying it three times may be official grounds for separation. Because of this, the couple was forced to separate.

Number Seven: Climbing a Crane. One sleepwalking young girl decided to go on a little adventure. However, her adventure led her to danger when she climbed a 130-foot crane in her sleep. She was saved by a fireman, who used her phone to call her parents to wake her up.

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