Nightmares could mean you have an underlying medical condition, reports The Health Site.

Barring the lucky few who don’t remember their dreams in the morning, everybody else who has experienced nightmares can tell you that it can be confusing and frightening. According to superstitions and folklore nightmares reveal things about your future while psychologists say that it is indicative of things in your past. Irrespective of what people believe, sometimes, nightmares can also be a sign of things going wrong with your health. Here are some of the common medical conditions associated with bad dreams.

If they are affecting your sleep quite frequently, better pay attention to your heart health. Nightmares accompanied by poor quality of sleep could be a sign of heart diseases. A 2003 study pointed out that nightmares were quite common in patients with irregular heartbeats and spasmodic chest pain. The study also revealed that chest pain and irregular heartbeats were more in women aged 40 to 64 who suffered from frequent nightmares and disturbed sleep. It also said that menopause increases the incidence of chest pain in women.