According to NDTV, a new survey finds that one in every five people across the world is sleep deprived.

“There is a large population suffering from sleep disorder and our agenda on the World Sleep Day was to showcase these numbers and spread awareness about the bad effects of taking sleeping pills,” said Dr Pawan Gupta, co-founder, Curofy, in a statement.

The poll found that due to frequent sleep disorders, which can also be triggered by anxiety, tension and nervousness developed due to work pressure, household issues or personal relationships, people start taking sleeping pills for getting a sound sleep.

Researchers asked doctors about how much percentage of patients demand sleeping pills from them. The responses were than categorised into different levels indicating the percentage of patients asking for sleeping pills. The results showed that on an average 20.3 percent patients examined by doctors ask for sleeping pills, which means that one out of every five patients suffers from sleeping disorder.

Out of 910 doctors who took the poll, 619 responses lied between 0-20 percent, but shockingly 182 responses lied between 20-40 percent which indicates that for 20 percent of doctors the number of patients asking for sleeping pills is even more than 1 in 5.

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