Key features of Umbian’s U-Sleep compliance monitoring solution have been integrated into Universal Software Solutions’ Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) billing management platform. The end result is a more efficient mechanism for merging practice management and billing-related activities with patient usage compliance.

U-Sleep is a secure, flexible compliance solution that monitors continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device usage and helps home medical equipment (HME) providers coach their patients during therapy. As the number of people using CPAP therapy to improve sleep increases, the ability to better track and monitor both compliance and effectiveness of therapy becomes even more important.

Through this integration, mutual HME customers can streamline their therapy management processes by accessing U-Sleep features directly within the HDMS application. These features include:

· Adding a patient simultaneously into HDMS, U-Sleep, and the ResMed EasyCare Online compliance platform, at multiple points in the HDMS workflow, without the need to log into multiple systems or re-enter patient data
· Receiving U-Sleep patient compliance notifications and automatically merging that data into HDMS
· Generating and storing U-Sleep compliance and CPAP usage reports
· Triggering the creation of operator tasks within the HDMS application based on U-Sleep compliance rules

“The teams at Umbian and Universal understand the importance of increasing ease of use and efficiency in a highly competitive and dynamic sleep industry,” says Raj Sodhi, president of Umbian, in a release. “For our HME customers, this means providing them with the opportunity to save time and money while simultaneously focusing on patient care. We accomplished this milestone by working closely with Universal to understand its customers’ HDMS workflow requirements, then seamlessly weaving in U-Sleep features to add key compliance management capabilities for a more functional, best-of-both-worlds solution.”

“The new link between these two product solutions represents the strategic advantage we provide to all of our clients,” says Christopher Dobiesz, president of Universal Software Solutions.

HMEs with a U-Sleep account can take advantage of the U-Sleep features within Universal’s HDMS version 3.9 beginning on March 10, 2014.