As a part of National Sleep Awareness week (March 3-9), the National Sleep
, in partnership with several other organizations, will hold an
Advocacy Training and Capitol Hill Day on March 4.

Participants will be briefed on the legislative process and the NSF’s public
policy priorities in addition to being trained on how to conduct meetings
with legislators. Visits with congressional representatives will be
scheduled throughout Capitol Hill Day, and throughout the week.

“We will have sleep professionals, sleep technicians, doctors, even patients
participating in this event,” says Darrel Drobrich, NSF CEO. “What we like
to do is team up a doctor with a patient and take them to speak with their
congressional representative. This way the representative can get both sides
of the story.”

“Our main goals are to educate congress and to find support for the [Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention] CDC initiative,” says Drobnich. The CDC
initiative aims to lobby congress to provide funding for sleep activities.

To sign up for Capitol Hill day, or to participate from home by writing to your legislators, visit the [removed]advocacy page[/removed] of the NSF’s website.