Somnoware announces that Philips Respironics has signed an agreement to grant direct access to all CPAP usage data stored in their EncoreAnywhere patient management system with consent from the physicians or health system. This data is fully accessible to independent and network practices alike via the new Somnoware care management module.

When using the Somnoware DME [durable medical equipment] module, the DME company receives an order from the physician to have a patient set up with a CPAP device and sends the setup data to the EncoreAnywhere. Since the portal is used for tracking the orders, the DME manufacturer is able to see if the order has been approved by the physician. If it has not been approved, then they are able to send a reminder to the physician, enabling them to expedite the order. The physician is also able to monitor the progress of the CPAP device order via the care management module.

Once the patient is set up with a CPAP device, the physician is able to monitor their CPAP compliance by using the care management module. By viewing all patients that have received their CPAP device, mask, and other DME devices, the physician can review real-time updates of the patients set up within their system during their selected time allotment. Based off this data, the physician can identify gaps between when the patients receive a prescription for CPAP therapy and when they or if they receive their equipment and onboarding. The physician can then provide at-risk patients of being non-compliant with a consultation about their behavior to improve long-term care management.

“We are thrilled to now have access to the CPAP usage data populated by Respironics’ EncoreAnywhere. Our goal is to use this data to identify at-risk patients as early as possible,” says Subath Kamalasan, CEO of Somnoware, in a release. “Physicians that provide a higher level of intervention improve patient CPAP compliance. Our platform arms physicians with critical tools that allow them to effectively monitor and manage adherence.”