, an online retailer of CPAP machines and accessories, will no longer sell any Chinese-manufactured products. The decision is intended to “safeguard customers’ health,” according to a press release from the company. The policy takes effect immediately.

“A number of companies are now offering CPAP machines and masks manufactured in China, because of their cheap prices. However, given recent announcements about consumer risks from Chinese manufactured goods—including lead and other poisonous contaminations—we have decided to formally ban all such CPAP equipment,” says Weston Headley, chief operating officer of

Johnny Goodman, cofounder and general manager of, says the decision to ban all Chinese-manufactured products is unfounded.

“We are not aware of any China-related CPAP items putting patients at risk,” says Goodman. “We have a large patient base and monitor the very active social network closely. If there was a problem with any CPAP equipment, it is very likely that we would know.”

“The vast majority of CPAP hoses are made in China and have been for many years,” explains Goodman. “We see nothing wrong with quality manufacturers choosing to make FDA-approved products where they see fit.”

Nevertheless, is taking its ban very seriously. “It simply makes no sense to wear a CPAP mask from another, second-rate manufacturer that doesn’t need to follow consumer safety laws. CPAP therapy is supposed to help patient health—not put it at risk,” said Headley.