Kimberly-Clark Corp, Dallas, has launched of GoodNites sleep boxers and
sleep shorts—absorbent underpants that look and feel like boxer-style
underwear—to minimize bedwetting tendencies in children.
"Bedwetting is a condition that many children ages 5 to 12 experience, but
will eventually outgrow with patience and time. However, this sensitive
issue can affect a child’s self-esteem and ability to relax at bedtime,"
said Bob Thibault, president of Kimberly-Clark’s North American personal
care products division. "[Our garments] look more like everyday underwear,
helping children feel more comfortable as they deal with bedwetting."
Based on insights gained from mothers and children, Kimberly-Clark designed
the GoodNites Sleep Boxers for boys and Sleep Shorts for girls in the
popular boxer-style underwear in hopes of giving wearers a sense or normalcy
and reducing anxiety for parents. They also offer an odor control feature.
The new GoodNites sleep boxers and sleep shorts will be available at most
major retail outlets throughout North America beginning in late September.
GoodNites are currently available in Europe under the DryNites brand.
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