DME Data Solutions has introduced a new Windows-based database application that utilizes clinical outcome measures to drive sales.

“Many companies have done a good job helping DME providers create operational efficiencies and streamline their business operation. However, little has been done in the way of using informatics to promote sales growth,” says Ken Ravazzolo, DME Data Solutions president, in a release. “Our customers are finding there’s a need for information that goes beyond what is currently being offered by most DME providers today.”

The Patient Trend Reporting System (PTRS) combines key device data along with other items of importance including baseline diagnostic data, patient health assessments, and satisfaction survey results. Although initially developed for CPAP providers, the system can be used in conjunction with oral appliances and other medical devices.

Data is available on-demand and is presented in an easy-to-understand format (one page per patient.) Reports can also be generated for referrals and payors on a regular, for example, monthly or quarterly,
basis. “A referral or payor can look at a 1-page report and immediately see the patient’s baseline and how the patient has progressed since starting therapy,” Ravazzolo says. “For example, information regarding excessive daytime fatigue, witnessed apneas, snoring, and overall general health is combined along with average AHI, leak, and pressure.”

Objective and subjective data is gathered in a variety of ways including phone calls, e-mail-based surveys, and Scantron cards, and the company works closely with the provider in this regard. PTRS is not intended as a replacement to manufacturer-based data management systems; it’s a complementary tool.

As a means of helping a DME provider differentiate their business and service offerings in their community, DME Data Solutions is offering PTRS on an initial exclusive basis per geographic market.