Two new CPAP devices from Covidien, the Sandman Info™ and the Sandman Auto™, are now available in the United States. They are the latest additions to the company’s Sandman portfolio of sleep diagnostic and therapy devices, featuring integrated heated humidification and adaptive pressure stability technology.

“We designed all of our Sandman CPAPs to increase patients’ compliance by addressing their concerns about the devices fitting easily into their lifestyles,” says Andy Ray, vice president and global general manager for Covidien’s Sleep and Oxygen Division.

The integrated heated humidification system improves comfort by minimizing tubing condensation, thus decreasing air resistance in the tube and preventing water droplets from flowing back into the patient’s mask. Sandman CPAPs automatically remind patients to perform routine service and change disposable parts. Ergonomic and aesthetic enhancements include forward-facing controls and a backlit display, which are simple, user-friendly, and attractive—more like a consumer electronic product than a bulky medical device.

The Sandman Info device detects and records respiratory events while the patient is sleeping. This data can be downloaded to a memory card, allowing sleep clinicians and home care providers to review and provide indications of patient benefits from use of the CPAP device. The premium Sandman Auto CPAP has the Sandman Info’s capabilities, plus it optimizes pressure by increasing it during obstructive events and decreasing pressure once the event has passed (while still recording all critical data).

The two new devices are also available in selected European markets and will soon be available in other international markets.