Sleep Specialists LLC, manufacturer of the US Food and Drug Administration-cleared Zzoma positional therapy device for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), announced that more than 1,000 sleep specialists across the United States are prescribing Zzoma, and over 800 sleep clinics are offering it as an alternative to traditional CPAP therapy.

“Reaching this important milestone demonstrates the growing recognition and trust that sleep specialists have in Zzoma as an effective and comfortable treatment option for their patients experiencing mild to moderate positional OSA,” says Michael J. Markus, PhD, executive director at Sleep Specialists, in a release. “We are proud to collaborate with these dedicated healthcare professionals to offer patients a non-invasive, and patient-preferred alternative to CPAP.”

Zzoma received 510(k) clearance in 2010. The device is worn on the back, with the elastic belts brought around each side of the subject and secured anteriorly with adjustable straps. The size and wedge-shaped design on both sides keep the subject positioned on their side and prevent the user from assuming the supine position.

Zzoma offers several benefits, according to a release from Sleep Specialists:

• Non-invasive: Zzoma guides sleepers into healthier sleep positions without the need for masks or hoses.
• Comfortable and user-friendly: Patients wear a small, lightweight device on their back while they sleep.
• Clinically proven effectiveness: Zzoma has been shown to be as effective as CPAP in treating mild to moderate OSA.

Photo caption: Zzoma

Photo credit: Sleep Specialists