Sleep Group Solutions (SGS), a dental sleep medicine education and tech company, and Devdent, makers of Imagn practice management software, have teamed to offer SGS clients and educational seminar attendees access to the Imagn Sleep Software solution.

“To meet the request among our many thousands of clients who use our state-of-the-art airway imaging technology and dental education services, we undertook the development of a sleep practice management software solution,” says Rani Ben-David, CEO of Sleep Group Solutions, in a release. “It was during this phase that we discovered that Imagn Sleep has already perfected the art of patient screening, tracking, and billing for dental sleep medicine practices.”

Joe Magness, CEO at Devdent, says in a release, “We are excited to be able to add Imagn Sleep software to what Sleep Group Solutions has built to help dentists focus on what should be dentistry’s #1 priority, the airway!”

Ben-David adds, “Our mission is to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of sleep apnea patients. This venture will enable Sleep Group Solutions’ clients, seminar attendees as well as the practice partners of its sister company, APZME, and partner organizations such as AMAC, Brady Billing, and GetSleepPatients to free themselves of the burden of back office operations and more squarely focus on providing quality dental sleep care.”

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