The manufacturer of MATRx plus, an at-home sleep theragnostic system that predicts therapeutic outcomes with a custom-fitted oral appliance, is partnering with two billing service providers in the US – Cross Over Dental Enterprises (CODE) and Pristine Medical Billing to offer out-of-network dental clinics medical billing services for oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The decision comes after the manufacturer, Zephyr, identified medical insurance reimbursement as a common key consideration in a patient’s decision to move forward with testing and treatment of OSA.

“Many of the doctors using our MATRx plus home sleep study/ diagnostic therapy system have asked about medical billing.  As this is outside of our area of expertise, we’re more than happy to bring in the experts. Our partners and advisors tell us that CODE and Pristine are those experts,” Paul Cataford, chief executive officer at Zephyr, says in a statement.

The MATRx plus system is an FDA-approved tablet-based, cloud-connected medical device. The device is also known as “The Simple Sleep Solution,” a platform which is designed to streamline workflow and eliminate oral appliance rework. The company says that by deploying The Simple Sleep Solution, dental clinics can further build the relationship with their patients, increase referrals and differentiate their practice.

After two nights of home sleep study, physicians can determine if a patient will be successful with oral appliance treatment and eliminate a 30-40% failure rate. The study also informs the dental team how to best configure the oral appliance and aims to eliminate guesswork on mandibular positioning.

According to a statement from the company, The Simple Sleep Solution is now available in over 300 dental clinics across the US.