Today, ProSomnus Sleep Technologies announced the launch of the ProSomnus [CA] Sleep Apnea Device, a precision continuous advancement oral appliance therapy device. The ProSomnus [CA] offers dentists the familiarity of expansion screw titration with the addition of new, patented, forward engineered features for a more predictable and efficient delivery of oral appliance therapy.

Srujal H. Shah, DDS, DABDSM, DASBA, says in a release, “ProSomnus is clearly focused on helping doctors obtain the best treatment outcomes for our patients. Their dedication to dental sleep medicine and digitally manufactured medical devices allow me to provide the best and most efficient treatment for my patients. The new ProSomnus [CA] device’s innovative design with A/P advancement markings helps me know exactly where my patient and I are in the titration process, and the precision gives me confidence that each device delivered is consistently accurate to the patient’s anatomy and my prescription.”

Performance of traditional continuous advancement devices can be limited by variances in anatomy, manual fabrication and assembly methods, and device design. Expert clinicians report that these variances can result in titration asymmetries, meaning one side of the device adjusts differently than the other side or differently than expected. Asymmetries may lead to compensating adjustments, challenges with patient communication, side effects risks, and additional appointments.

The ProSomnus [CA] device is engineered to create more predictable, symmetrical titration by correcting for these variances. The new 3D Linear Guide feature ensures the left and right titration posts advance at angles that are symmetrical to the desired A/P titration path for each patient. The patient-specific Advancement Marking feature enables the dentist and patient to measure true A/P titration, resolving the need to count turns of the expansion screw or compensate for left and right arch variances. The entire [CA] device is assembled with respect to the patient-specific treatment plan.

“Our goal is to get more physicians comfortable referring their non-compliant CPAP patients, by manufacturing precision devices that make it easier for dentists to create exceptional oral appliance therapy experiences,” says Len Liptak, CEO of ProSomnus. “Our new [CA] device supports this goal with highly patient-centric design and by addressing the limitations of traditional devices that can make it more challenging to achieve successful outcomes.”

Dave Kuhns, ProSomnus co-founder and VP of technology, says, “A growing number of scientific studies and clinical experiences affirm the efficacy, compliance, and side effect mitigation advantages of ProSomnus devices. The ProSomnus [CA] device embodies these advantages, and new features, into the familiar, expansion screw, style oral appliance therapy device.”

“The engineering challenge for the [CA] device is to reduce, if not eliminate, the clinical guesswork from the continuous advancement, expansion screw, style oral appliance,” says Sung Kim, ProSomnus co-founder and VP of engineering. “We use precision manufacturing and forward engineering concepts to create a device that is engineered to deliver more consistent, predictable performance for dentists and their patients.”

The ProSomnus [CA] device is cleared by the FDA and will be featured at the upcoming 27th American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine annual meeting in Baltimore, MD, on June 1-3.