The US Patent and Trademark Office issued ProSomnus an additional patent (serial number 11,617,677), adding to a portfolio of several issued patents covering the iterative titration technology featured in its oral appliance therapy devices.

“Our patented iterative titration technology is a cornerstone of our differentiation,” says Len Liptak, co-founder and CEO of ProSomnus, in a press release. “Iterative titration enables the mechanism of action for our precision medicine approach to treating obstructive sleep apnea. By eliminating the components used by dental product style devices, iterative titration allows ProSomnus devices to be smaller, stronger, and made from medical grade Class VI materials, too. This continuation patent strengthens the company’s deep intellectual property portfolio as we continue meeting a growing demand for our patient-preferred precision oral appliance therapy.”

ProSomnus’ oral appliance therapy devices reposition and stabilize the jaw during sleep, improving airflow through a patient’s pharyngeal space. They consist of maxillary and mandibular aligners that are manufactured with twin-mated posts and digitally milled to be patient-specific. Prescribed advancements can be achieved by removing the current upper- or lower-device arch and inserting the next arch in the mandibular advancement series.

A growing body of research, including studies published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and Military Medicine, suggests ProSomnus’ devices are an effective treatment for mild to moderate OSA, according to a press release by ProSomnus. Additional clinical research has shown that ProSomnus’ devices mitigate many of the side effects associated with alternative treatments and improve economics for payers and providers.

ProSomnus’ intellectual property portfolio now includes 17 issued patents in the US and other countries, encompassing more than 100 claims.