Oventus’ O2Vent Optima oral appliance is now available in the United States via home medical equipment company GoPAPfree. GoPAPfree’s care delivery model is similar to dental aligner companies that ship mold impression kits straight to patients’ home—allowing for dentist guided oral appliance therapy from the comfort and solitude of a patient’s own home.

“We are very excited to announce the availability of the O2Vent Optima device and its introduction into the US market,” says Chris Hart, M.Phil, BSc, BDSc, Oventus CEO and founder of GoPAPfree, in a release. “As a dentist and sufferer of sleep apnea, none of the existing CPAP solutions were a good fit for me. Out of desperation, I took my professional and personal knowledge to invent something that was both effective and comfortable. The positive impact of a consistent good night’s sleep is incredible to experience. I hope to bring that life-changing result to anyone who suffers from sleep apnea.”

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O2Vent Optima positions the lower jaw forward to a comfortable range while also allowing the integrated airway channel to bypass nasal congestion and other areas of airway collapse, such as from the tongue, soft palate and lateral walls. The device comes assembled with strength connector bands; a dental healthcare professional can help determine which size is right for the patient.