Oral health product developer OrVance said Monday that it has rolled out a new effervescent cleaning product specifically designed for use with removable oral appliances.

The company said other options in the marketplace require daily cleaning and were originally developed for use as denture cleansers. OrVance Retainer Cleaner is not intended to be used with dentures or removable bridges.

OrVance Retainer Cleaner comes in a three-month supply (28 tablets) as well as patient samples of a two-week supply (four tablets) for orthodontic and dental practices. Packaging and patient samples also provide a QR code to a brief video educating patients on how to care for their retainers and aligners.

Ron Schutt, CEO of OrVance, said OrVance Retainer cleaner “addresses a major unmet need within orthodontics” for a convenient, affordable and high-quality retainer cleaner.

“The addition of OrVance Retainer Cleaner strengthens our product line focused on improving the orthodontic patient experience and providing solutions to support longer-term compliance for retainers,” Schutt added. “The retainer and aligner market is very strategic for us as the number of consumers in retainers is on track to surpass the size of the denture market, driven by both the growth of orthodontic treatment and the improvement of longer-term compliance to retainers after treatment.”

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