Glidewell Laboratories has announced new 2017 versions of the dreamTAP oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea. Five colors allow dentists and patients more choice.

“Glidewell Laboratories is proud to offer the dreamTAP, custom thermoformed from BPA-free, nonallergenic hard copolyester in clear or turquoise or hard/soft copolyester and polyurethane discs, in clear, blue, green, and pink. These durable and effective sleep appliances allow patients a comfortable night’s rest, free from snoring and obstructive sleep apnea,” says Mike Cash, vice president of sales and marketing, in a release.

The dreamTAP is the fifth generation of the TAP appliances by Airway Management Inc. The dreamTAP is FDA cleared and approved for Medicare reimbursement.

The signature TAP feature of single point adjustment allows patients and medical professionals to easily adjust the protrusion while in the mouth. The patented force spreading bar allows the posterior molars to carry the load, taking pressure off sensitive anterior teeth.