Dental device manufacturer DynaFlex announced the acquisition of Whole You/Respire Medical, a fellow oral appliance maker

In an email to customers, DynaFlex says the strategic move will further strengthen its ability to deliver value and elevate the customer experience.

“At DynaFlex, our core commitment has always been to provide you with exceptional products and services that meet your evolving needs…Rest assured that our commitment to you remains unchanged,” according to the email from DynaFlex. “Our dedicated team will continue to deliver the same level of excellence and personalized support you have come to expect from us. We remain deeply invested in your success and are fully committed to maintaining the trust and loyalty you have placed in us over the years.”

Customers were encouraged to reach out to DynaFlex’s account manager or the customer support team for any inquiries or further information. DynaFlex emphasized the importance of customer feedback to ensure a seamless transition. With this acquisition, DynaFlex says in the email that it looks forward to embarking on a journey of growth alongside its customers. The company expressed confidence in the “tremendous opportunities” to achieve “new heights of success.”

DynaFlex offers oral appliance therapy devices for patients who snore or have sleep apnea. The four more commonly requested devices for patients with airway obstruction are the DynaFlex Dorsal, Adjustable Herbst, TAP, and EMA, according to the company’s website.

Respire was formed in March 2010 with a business model of providing functional devices to treat sleep apnea at a reasonable cost. It was acquired by Whole You in 2015 to help drive growth.

Photo caption: Respire oral appliance for the treatment of sleep apnea