Essential Topics in Dental Sleep Medicine, an all-new Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology course designed specifically for dentists, will debut on January 14-15, 2011. The course will be held at the school’s facility in Atlanta.

After developing sleep medicine training for physicians, technicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants for more than 18 years, the Atlanta School is now expanding into the world of dental sleep medicine. Led by course directors Russell Rosenberg, PhD, Edward Spiegel, DDS, and Dan Brown, JD, Essential Topics in Dental Sleep Medicine will take a more advanced approach to sleep medicine as it applies to the dental field.

Throughout the 2-day course, dentists will receive updates on emerging therapies for treating OSA including positive pressure therapies, surgical approaches, current oral appliances, as well as the differences in sleep lab testing and home testing.

As dentists continue to see patients with sleep problems, it is important that they have a working knowledge of current sleep disorders. In addition to sleep apnea, the course will cover different pharmacologic treatments of sleep disorders and the impact of medications on sleep.

“The course will also include vital business information for those looking to expand their practice into the field of sleep medicine,” said Rosenberg. “We will address the legal aspects and best practices for dental sleep medicine.”