Humana has contracted with SleepQuest to expand access to affordable obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screening, diagnostic, therapy, and compliance services for the insurer’s PPO and Medicare members.

"For over a decade, we have been empowering primary care physicians to help their patients make informed decisions about their health care and health costs," said Robert Koenigsberg, CEO of SleepQuest. "Meanwhile, payors rely on our proven ability to improve patient outcomes and reduce the increasing costs arising from this serious chronic condition."

By employing FDA-cleared diagnostic and therapy devices, SleepQuest provides services that include both home sleep testing and therapy, as well as close relationships with sleep laboratories, durable medical equipment providers, and home health agencies.

Of particular importance to SleepQuest will be its ability to provide a program of patient monitoring and compliance services extending beyond the traditional initiation of therapy. Employing the latest in telehealth services, SleepQuest’s protocols of education, motivation, and intervention allow the company to manage and optimize the patient’s adherence to the sleep therapy program.