Akervall Technologies, makers of the SISU Athletic Mouth Guard, have released the SOVA Night Grinding Guard, an ultra thin mouth guard that the company says provides night grinding protection.

“Consumers have been looking for a more comfortable, more affordable solution to night grinding, and we’ve responded by introducing our smallest ever mouth guard that is capable of withstanding night grinding forces 30% better than leading OTC brands,” says Sassa Akervall, CEO of Akervall Technologies Inc, in a release. “Our dedicated team of engineers and scientists perfected the application of Diffusix technology to give customers the best possible experience while wearing the most unobtrusive mouth guard on the market.”

Equipped with perforations, the Diffusix Technology allows for a custom fit and a natural flow of air and saliva. Johannes Schwank, chief scientific officer of Akervall Technologies, says, “The SOVA Night Guard features a powerful Diffusix mechanism that will dissipate night grinding forces with the functionality normally found in the thicker dental made guards, at a lower price point and with a smaller size.”