Four studies by Ebb Therapeutics, a sleep tech company specializing in drug-free, wearable solutions to sleeplessness, are published in the 2020 abstract supplement of SLEEP. The studies validate the effects of forehead cooling on subjects with sleeplessness and insomnia—including two unique sets: menopausal women and veterans.

The abstracts are:

This new data supplements Ebb’s prior scientific research, including the results of Ebb’s randomized, controlled clinical trial in insomnia patients that led to a publication in Journal SLEEP in May 2018.

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The data is based on more than 35 years of brain-imaging research during Nofzinger’s tenure as Director of the Sleep Neuroimaging Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Nofzinger discovered that when the forehead is cooled there is a reduction in activity in the frontal cortex and a person is better able to reach restorative sleep. He dubbed this “PrecisionCool Technology” and spent more than a decade developing a wearable forehead-cooling device to help patients with insomnia.

“Without good sleep, one’s quality of life suffers,” Nofzinger says in a release. “It has been my goal for three decades to bring a safe sleep solution to the masses, and I am proud to be able to have data to show that precise forehead cooling is truly effective.”