Medgadget asked Tom Harrison, business development manager of TTP Ventus, and Jerry Aarestad, co-founder of Sommetrics some questions about the concept of aerSleep, a sleep apnea therapy approved for marketing to patients in Canada but does not currently have FDA approval in the United States.

Medgadget: How does aerSleep differ from other products for obstructive sleep apnea?

Tom HarrisonThe neat thing about aerSleep is how Sommetrics has flipped the solution around versus CPAP: instead of applying positive pressure internally, they apply negative pressure externally. It’s a great example of a simple-yet-brilliant way of approaching an old problem in a new way. For traditional CPAP systems to apply positive pressure within the airway, a blower with a high air flow capacity is required; this is necessary to keep pace with the peak air flow as patients breathe in. In being worn on (and applying therapy to) the soft tissues of the neck, aerSleep operates independently of the breathing path.

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