Sunset Healthcare Solutions releases Zoey, a new CPAP cleaner. It is sold to patients exclusively through homecare durable medical equipment (DME) providers.
“Zoey marks our investment in manufacturing and developing Sunset products for the coming generation of sleep apnea patients,” says Greg Wood, Sunset’s chief business development officer, in a release. “This is just the start of it.”

The Zoey CPAP Cleaner uses activated oxygen to clean CPAP masks, headgear, and tubing. It has a screen-free interface using colored lights to guide users when operating. Zoey’s branding was developed to bring character into the provider space and to reflect Sunset’s personality. “We want to provide a simple to use CPAP equipment maintenance option for use in the patient household, as well as something offered exclusively to providers,” says Wood. “We believe Zoey is an extension of our commitment to a positive business and consumer experience.”

Zoey is currently available for DME purchase. Sunset will have Zoey units at Medtrade Spring (booth #427) from March 4-5.