The V-Com, a CPAP accessory that reduces inspiratory pressure and flow to provide comfort with minimal to no reduction in expiratory pressure, was shown to improve 90-day CPAP adherence in a trial completed by Detroit-based medical equipment company Sleep Solutions. 

In the trial of 100 patients beginning CPAP, 50 patients received standard care, while 50 patients received standard care with the V-Com device in their CPAP circuit. The study found that 12% more of those in the V-Com group met the 90-day Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirement for adherence.

“Most importantly, this is wonderful for the health of our patients,” says Robyn Parrot, president of Sleep Solutions, in a press release. “But these results also improve the health of our company: fewer mask exchanges, happier patients, and more resupply. I think everyone’s adherence rates dropped during COVID. Ours did. But this is great news.”

Sleep Solutions also performed a patient preference investigation. During setup, new CPAP patients were allowed to experience CPAP at their prescribed pressure, both with and without the V-Com in their CPAP circuit. In a questionnaire to follow, 98% preferred the V-Com in their circuit, and 98% believed the V-Com would give them a better chance of long-term adherence. 

“Because of the patient preference data, we were feeling ethically obligated to offer the V-Com to all our new patients,” says Parrot in a press release. “Now with increased adherence data, we love being obligated, and we are currently reaching out to all of our long-term CPAP patients to give them the opportunity to experience V-Com as well.”

Kami Harold, vice president of marketing for SleepRes, the maker of the V-Com, says in a press release, “Sleep Solutions just shared their data with us last week. We have found similar results in our own data. Having an independent third-party medical company have similar outcomes provides further validation of VV-Com’s benefit to patients and medical equipment companies.”