A Forbes contributor writes about using Hupnos, a bluetooth-connected sleep mask that comes with built-in technology to help stop snoring.

The technical gist of it? Via bluetooth, Hupnos connects to the companion sleep analysis smartphone app on either iOS and Android. When the mask’s built-in accelerometer detects that you’re sleeping on your back, it delivers gentle vibrations to cue you to change positions. If snoring continues, the mask boosts its expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) using your own breath to open airways so that you breathe without snoring. It offers three intensity modes, depending on your level of comfort. In the advanced mode, you can even adjust the vibration level.

The soft mask has wide, adjustable velcro straps on the rear sides, so you can tighten it comfortably around your head. It’s well-padded and actually quite comfortable to wear. And the nosepiece is removable — I suppose so you can clean it. Plus, it connects with your smartphone which monitors your sleep habits.

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