Sleep960, in collaboration with, has launched “Adherence by Alliance,” a telehealth service solution for patients experiencing difficulties adapting to and living with sleep apnea. The HIPAA-compliant website features a three-part, month-long series of one-on-one and group live coaching sessions using evidence-based practice, including motivational interviewing and lifestyle modification.

Coaching sessions are conducted using live video chat windows and telephone services. The patient receives a summary after each session via a secure personnel portal, helping them remember their goals. There is also a digital knowledge library available with related articles and videos all aimed at helping the patient adjust to therapy. The program is administered by CPAPCoach founder Robyn Woidtke, MSN, RN, RPSGT. A registered nurse with a background in sleep, Woidtke has certification as a chronic care professional health coach and also as a clinical sleep educator from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

“It is my belief that these types of coaching techniques can fill a gap in promoting CPAP adherence and good sleep habits,” says Woidtke. “In the past several months, I have spoken to many patients who have expressed frustration due to lack of follow-up or being chastised by their provider; this is not a way to promote adherence. By engaging, encouraging, supporting, and communicating in depth with patients, their needs will be better served.”