ResMed today unveiled its AirMini, which packs ResMed’s CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) technology along with its comfort and ease-of-use features into a sleek, portable, pocket-sized device ideal for traveling. The AirMini is available with ResMed’s proprietary AutoSet functionality as well as a built-in humidification system for patient comfort.

AirMini weighs a 0.66 pounds (300 grams) and measures 5.4 x 3.3 x 2 in (13.6 x 8.4 x 5.2 cm).

“The ResMed AirMini has redefined CPAP therapy—providing patients with peace of mind, knowing they can easily get ResMed-quality therapy wherever they are,” says Mick Farrell, ResMed CEO, in a release. “CPAP is now more portable and accessible than ever before. I have been traveling all over the world with a prototype of the AirMini system, using AutoSet, humidification, and an AirFit P10 pillows mask, and it has changed my travel life. I am so excited to see that this technology is now available to many millions of sleep apnea patients.”

In a recent survey, 65% of CPAP users said device size is the #1 reason they don’t take their CPAP every time they travel, breaking the cycle of adherence and exposing themselves to sleep apnea’s chronic effects.

AirMini’s features include:

  • A phone app (iOS and Android) for patients to change comfort settings and track their own nightly usage data, a practice that’s shown to increase compliance and health outcomes
  • Portable and convenient waterless humidification to maximize comfort, capturing a patient’s exhaled heat and moisture with a HumidX humidifier in the mask tube and redelivering it to them
  • Compatibility with ResMed’s AirFit N20 nasal and F20 full face masks, easy for home medical equipment providers to fit on a wide range of patients as well as a special AirMini version of the award-winning AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask.

CPAP users in the United States can contact their home medical equipment provider to place an order for the AirMini. ResMed will begin taking preorders on May 3, 2017, and AirMini will begin shipping by May 31. The technology will also be available in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom.