ResMed unveils the AirFit N30i, its first top-of-head-connected nasal CPAP mask, which is now available across the United States. The mask has a newly designed nasal cradle cushion that sits just under the wearer’s nose.

The top-of-head connection keeps tubing out of the wearer’s way, letting them move and sleep in any position. The nasal cradle cushion—ResMed’s first—is designed to reduce facial markings and irritation.

According to ResMed, AirFit N30i fits 96% of PAP users with two frame sizes and four cushion sizes.

In side-by-side comparisons conducted by ResMed, three out of four users preferred AirFit N30i over the other nasal mask with a top-of-head connection. A majority stated they loved AirFit N30i and would take it home as their mask of choice, with many claiming it was “very comfortable,” it’s “easy to use,” or that it “caused little disruption to their bed partner.”


“AirFit N30i is a great choice for nasal mask wearers who move when they sleep,” says Jim Hollingshead, president of ResMed’s Sleep business, in a release. “It’s all about freedom—users are free to sleep however they want and enjoy a comfortable, reliable seal. And AirFit N30i is so easy to fit, sleep professionals are going to be freed up to serve more people.”

AirFit N30i is also available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe, with other countries planned to follow later this year.