RemSleep Holdings Inc has merged with with Kat Gold Holdings Corp, with RemSleep being the succeeding company. The Super 8-K detailing the transaction can be seen at as well as company website.

RemSleep Holdings flagship product is The DeltaWave interface. This CPAP interface does not disrupt normal breathing mechanics, is not claustrophobic, causes less work of breathing, minimizes or eliminates drying of the sinuses, uses less driving pressure, and allows users to feel safe and secure while sleeping, according to the company.

CEO Russell Bird says in a release: “Our goal at RemSleep is to achieve optimum compliance and comfort for CPAP patients who suffer from sleep apnea. Years of research and development have led to the revolutionary DeltaWave CPAP interface, a design that addresses the stubborn issues that continue to affect a patient’s ability to comply with treatment.”

RemSleep Holdings will now implement an aggressive marketing and distribution program of the DeltaWave to reach institutions and clientele in demand of sleep apnea products in North America and worldwide as it expands its manufacturing and distribution facilities.