Available on December 18, Drive Medical’s PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System was created for quiet PAP therapy while maximizing comfort through a lightweight, minimal facial contact design with three different size nasal pillows for superb user fit. With two breathable, moisture wicking foam straps, the PillowFit is simple to fit to nearly any user. By providing a system with two configurations, the full PillowFit system or the PillowFit system without headgear, providers may choose the appropriate configuration to minimize costs and/or maximize reimbursement.

Features include:

  • Lightweight, easy to use, and easy to assemble design
  • For the best fit and minimized leak, the PillowFit Deluxe includes three pillow sizes, and has been developed with a 360-degree rotating elbow connection with silicon tubing and a simple strap design
  • By providing a mask option without headgear, a more cost-effective option is available based upon the reimbursement schedule
  • Latex free