Philips announced Wednesday that it would begin the process of replacing millions of CPAP devices in the United States after a recall in June left many patients without sleep apnea treatment.

According to a report from Reuters, Philips has received a nod from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to repair the affected DreamStation device. This approval will allow the company to replace the sound abatement foam with new material.

The company previously recalled up to four million of its CPAP devices and ventilators due to a foam component that might degrade and may cause cancer.

Philips told Reuters that the full replacement effort will take about a year.

According to a previous email interview with Philips spokesman Mario Fante, Philips has developed a plan to work with consumers to replace the current sound abatement foam with new material.

Patients are being directed to fill out a form online, so the company can stay in touch with them regarding the next steps. The website also contains a list of impacted machines.

“We cannot stress enough that Philips is treating this matter with the highest possible seriousness, and are dedicating significant time and resources to address this issue,” Fante says.