This month, Breas Medical released the Z1 CPAP in Europe and other markets outside the United States. The Z1 was developed and successfully launched in the United States by Human Design Medical (HDM), a sister company to Breas.

The Z1 fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 284 grams. It is the ultimate solution for CPAP users who travel, the company says.

“HDM is reinterpreting what an innovative medical device company should represent: delivering smaller devices, improved usability, and a relentless pursuit of human focused design,” says president and CEO Nicke Svanvik, in a release. “The combination of HDM and Breas makes a very strong and creative company. Our combined business now enters into a new era and we see a very bright future ahead of us. The introduction of the Z1 in the USA surpassed all our expectations and Breas will expand our success to Europe and other markets around the world.”

The Z1 will be offered through the Breas subsidiaries, preferred partners, and a network of specialized (Internet) resellers. Consumers can buy the Z1 directly at