Lori Arnold, PharmD, marks her publishing debut with the release of Undrugged: Sleep: from Insomnia to Un-somnia—Why Sleeping Pills Don’t Improve Sleep and the Drug-free Solutions That Will (published by Balboa Press), a guidebook that presents the issue of insomnia and offers strategies one can utilize to eliminate sleeplessness. As a pharmacist, Arnold shares how even she was, “not immune and experienced overdrugging firsthand.” In the same light, her book reveals the, “truth about pharmaceutical sleep agents.”

“If sleeping pills are the problem, Undrugged: Sleep is the solution that will help you embark on a personal healing journey,” Arnold says in a release.

She says that becoming more aware of sleep drugs’ “health-impairing issues” will help motivate a person to “remove the drug insult, identify and correct the root cause, and ultimately replace the drug with safer natural solutions, by utilizing a functional medicine approach that combines sleep hygiene, nutrition, and nutraceuticals.”

“You don’t need to continue suffering from insomnia and sleeplessness. Pill solutions are not the means to the end. Why not utilize processes that are more effective and that diminish the ailment?” Arnold says. “Pharmacists are trusted healthcare professionals who take an oath to ‘do no harm’ to our patients. I, for one, strive to stay abreast of all the current information related to each health topic and research the good vs. the bad in each drug therapy.”