Philips Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, has introduced the new [removed]REMstar Pro with AutoIQ[/removed] to its CPAP therapy product line.

The new AutoIQ mode allows clinicians to remotely track a patient’s progress over several nights, establish or readjust to an ideal therapy pressure, and check back periodically to reassess and adjust treatment as needed.

The AutoIQ mode has two distinct phases: Auto-Trial and Auto-Check. Auto-Trial uses the Philips Respironics auto algorithm for periods of 3 days or more, adding up to a total of 30 days, to deliver breath-by-breath therapy and learn the patient’s treatment needs. Auto-Trial days can be saved to reassess therapy at a later date should the patient’s condition or characteristics change, such as weight gain or a change in sleeping environment. At the end of the Auto-Trial phase, the device analyzes the data to identify and automatically deliver the ideal pressure for that patient. It can also deliver a fixed pressure that has been set by the clinician.

Once the ideal pressure is established for the patient, Auto-Check checks back every 30 hours to see how the patient is progressing with therapy. This phase determines if a pressure change is needed and automatically adjusts the pressure—within the limits set by the clinician—to meet therapeutic needs.