Building on the success of their soft cloth nasal SleepWeaver CPAP mask, Circadiance has introduced a lightweight and flexible CPAP tube called the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube.

Used in the treatment of sleep apnea, the new SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube complements the CPAP mask with a 15-millimeter hose composed of lightweight material that reduces the weight at the mask connection point, making the hose less likely to pull and disrupt the seal. The new tube also extends the hose length by 1.5 feet.

“Our new hose is lighter and more flexible than standard CPAP hoses,” says Circadiance Director of Engineering, Ron Mahofski. “It also includes smaller lightweight connectors, which reduce the pull between the hose and the mask.”

The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube also offers the ability to stretch, providing a more forgiving connection to CPAP devices. “These features give users the full benefit of CPAP therapy so they can enjoy a deep, restorative sleep,” says Mahofski.

Launching in November 2011, the new tube is designed to fit any CPAP mask with a 22-millimeter connection.